Vladimir Putin

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Vladimir Putin

Post by tonyp »

Vladimir Putin, wanting to get on the good side of voters, goes to visit a school in Moscow to have a chat with the kids.

He talks to them about how Russia is a powerful nation and how he wants the best for the people.

At the end of the talk, there is some time for questions.

Little Sasha puts her hand up and says :

"I have two questions. My questions are ...

Why did the Russians take Crimea?

And why are we sending troops to Ukraine?"

Putin says :

"Hmmm? Yes. Thank you. This is two good questions ..."

But just as he is about to answer, the bell goes, and all the kids go for lunch.

When they come back, they sit back down and there is room for some more questions so another girl, Misha, puts her hand up and says :

"I have four questions. My Questions are ....

Why did the Russians invade Crimea?

Why are we sending troops to Ukraine?

Why did the bell go 20 minutes early for lunch?

And where the f*** is Sasha?!”
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Re: Vladimir Putin

Post by bristleposh »

We were much improved under McCann
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