2020/21 explained clearly

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2020/21 explained clearly

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The story so far...

Here's an update of my 'simple' explanation of the situation that I and many other owner/Directors of SME’s find ourselves in.
I bet most of you can actually follow this perfectly now.... 😊

2020 brought C19 to UK. We all said OMG and on BBC the PM said lockdown ASAP.
HMRC launched CJRS but only for PAYE which gave many LTD directors FA, so we said WTF but Rishi said FU and LMAO. HMRC gave loads of GBP to SE via SEISS and to PAYE via CJRS, but made LTD get a BBL or CIBL with an APR. HMT reversed the promise of £1k JRB for each PAYE in 2021, we said, FFS and it left many with FA in 2021 when CT, SA and VAT were due. A few LTD got an ARG from their LA, but most who WFH were told to FO. Some tried for UC but most got told to FO or it gave them FA.

We need help ASAP but HMT continue to say “IDK how to help LTD”, which we know is BS. Meanwhile they spend GBP on dodgy PPE & failed T&T which could go to NHS and LTD.

FLTD (with the APPG, FSB & ACCA) proposed DISS to HMT, Rishi avoided it, spoke BS and then went AWOL till after NYE. MPs from the APPG then proposed TIGS, and both DISS and TIGS have become an FAQ by MPs to PM and HMT. Rishi sticks fingers in his ears and says LALALA which makes me scream OMG and want to KO him.

Without GBP it will be TTFN for many LTD who will end up DOA. HMT should realise that LTD are vital to UK GDP and will help UK recover from C19 ASAP by generating GBP, VAT, NI and PAYE.

So, HMT still say FU to LTD, but the more they say FU, the more we won’t STFU. Our fight is TBC night and day until COP, because YOLO and we will damn well fight for our LTDs.

Hopefully that clears it all up :-)
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Re: 2020/21 explained clearly

Post by ashman »

bristleposh wrote: 08 Feb 2021, 15:57 Hopefully that clears it all up :-)
Clear as a pint of maggotty beer!
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