Fitness in Sports

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Fitness in Sports

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Without those uncertainties football would be almost as boring as darts! (ashman)

Oi You, at least it's more of a sport than F1 (bristle)

Yeh, I forgot the forces on a dart player, having to lift a pint of beer in one hand, darts in the other and the brainpower of subtraction from 501.

An F1 driver has to have a finely tuned body, able to stand up to 5+G and still concentrate on finding the apex of a corner, the physicalities of actually driving an F1 car plus the reactions that many of us would have to train for years to attain. A can't recall any darts player ever having featured on Superstars (BBC programme from years back!) (ashman) ... %2070%20bp
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Re: Fitness in Sports

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When was the last time you saw a darts player with a pint in his hand, all the top players know their way from about three hundred instantly to make sure that if they hit the right numbers they can be where they want to be. I have played darts and I have driven a car, ok at a lot slower speed, but I know I can turn a corner, stop when need to reverse, Oh I don't think they have that complication in a formula one car. The skill level of a top 20 darts player is akin to a professor of mathematics with the technological ability of a rocket scientist. All the top drivers given the right car could guide it round the course and win a race, not all the top players could hit the right numbers to finish a game in 9 darts (whichever darts they used). The level of fitness required is less granted but, I watched a player the other evening with his leg in a cast where he had damaged his knee ligaments, but was still able to go to the oche and win a few games against a World Champion. He lost the match, but put up a good fight.
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