Thanks (again!)

Post your predictions for future matches in Poshman's prediction league.

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Thanks (again!)

Post by ashman »

To Suffolkposh for running the prediction league. It must take a great amount of time to do this and we all thank you for your efforts. May you have the time to run it next year and hopefully bristleposh will continue to predict that we lose every game 0-2 - well he started it! :wink:
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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by tonyp »

Having run the game for a few years I know and appreciate the time it takes Suffolkposh.

I expect that next season Bristle will be predicting that Posh will win every game 2-0. And he'll lead the board again!!

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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by bristleposh »

I’ve already done my acceptance speech, hopefully next season I will finish last by a long way
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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by Brianposh »

Thanks a lot Suffolk Posh.
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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by OBM »

Yes many thanks are due to Suffolk for all the hard work and hopefully we will have a few more Posh goals and scorers next season.
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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by dunc »

Please add my thanks to Suffolkposh for all his hard work of last season and let's have many more positive results for next season to predict
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Re: Thanks (again!)

Post by topcat87 »

Sorry I am late to this but Thank you Suffolk for doing this again. I'll take highest placed female! (only me and Nipper as far as I know!)
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