POSH v Barnsley {Score}

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POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by Suffolkposh »

Posh 2 Barnsley 1 (Taylor, Dembele)
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by ashman »

Posh 2 Barnsley 0 (Dembele, JCH)
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by bristleposh »

Posh 0-2 Barnsley

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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by Brianposh »

Posh.....2..... v Barnsley ........1
(JHC, Dembele)
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by OBM »

Posh 1-2 Barnsley Taylor
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by topcat87 »

Posh 2-0 Barnsley Taylor Dembele
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by BanburyPosh »

POSH 2 v. Barnsley 1 (JCH, Dembele)

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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by poshnipper »

POSH 3 - 1 Barnsley
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Re: POSH v Barnsley {Score}

Post by dunc »

Posh 1-0 Barnsley
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