Sunderland v POSH {Score}

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Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by Suffolkposh »

Sunderland 2 - Posh 2 (Szmodics, Broom)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by tonyp »

PoshAussie says-
Sunderland 0 Posh 3 (Eisa 3)
Queensland born and bred. Supporting Posh for 46 years.
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by bristleposh »

Sunderland 0-2 Posh (JCH, Dembele)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by ashman »

Sunderland 1 Posh 2 (JCH, Taylor)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by OBM »

Sunderland 1-4 Posh JCH R-JJ Szmodics Taylor
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by Brianposh »

Sunderland 1-2 Posh......JCH, Taylor.
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Re: Sunderland v Posh

Post by stumpy »

i fancy us to win this one 1-2 with JCH and Dembele on the scoresheet
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by Gaz_Miller »

Sunderland 2 Posh 1 (Kent)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by Poshay »

Sunderland 2 Posh 0.
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by Vinny »

Sunderland 1 POSH 1 ( SAMODICS)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by BanburyPosh »

Sunderland 0 v. POSH 1 (Szmodics)

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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by DaveLister »

Sunderland 3-3 Posh (JCH, Dembele, Smozdics)
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by rsg26 »

Stats have this as a real tight one so I'm going 2-2: ... erborough/
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by dunc »

Sunderland play a similar system to us, so we will continue to struggle -
Sunderland 3-1 Posh
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Re: Sunderland v POSH {Score}

Post by topcat87 »

Sunderland 1-1 Posh Sammy
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