PREDICTION LEAGUE {Score} 2020-2021

Post your predictions for future matches in Poshman's prediction league.

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Re: PREDICTION LEAGUE {Score} 2020-2021

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BanburyPosh wrote: 10 May 2021, 11:33 Yes congrats and well done to the young man for keeping me off the top spot. Many thanks to Suffolk for all of his hard work and sleepless nights. I suggest that it may be a tad more difficult to predict some of the games next season but I'm sure we'll all have a go. If I predict at least 17 or 18 wins for Posh and they manage that then I think we'll all be pretty happy.

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No worries. bristle will be predicting a 0-2 loss every week!
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Re: PREDICTION LEAGUE {Score} 2020-2021

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Quite happy to continue again next season.
Would be nice to get a few more regulars to participate. :D

Should be up and running again in August. Have a great summer everyone :comeon:
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