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Tony P Update

Post by bristleposh »

He and his wife are still with us, he sends his regards, apparently everything in his care home hinges on how good his carers are, Tony has a bad back and can't lift anything, so today's carers were in his words bloody useless. His wife's (Ralda) dementia gradually gets worse so although the carers are there to lift her into her wheelchair she soon forgets if there's been a problem, unlike poor old Tony. Who sees all and remember's it.
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Re: Tony P Update

Post by Brianposh »

I am still in touch with him Nick.
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Re: Tony P Update

Post by ashman »

Brianposh wrote: 11 Dec 2021, 09:45 I am still in touch with him Nick.
Send him and Ralda all the love from the forum please!
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