The Olympics

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The Olympics

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I’ve just spent far too much of my time watching pictures from Japan about some wonderful sport, in particular watching the British, I’m biased in that way, the Swimming, The Boxing, The Karate, the Diving, The Cycling, the Gymnastics, the Skateboarding, the Knitting, the Athletics, The Rowing, the Canoeing, the Triathlon, the Equestrianism, the Yachting, the Hockey, the football, the Rugby 7s, the basketball, the badminton, the tennis, the golf, the water polo, synchronised swimming, the Pentathlon, the Surfing, the Transexuals, the crying, the stupidity, etc etc etc. I’m 3 weeks older but I feel about ten years older. I can’t pick out a stand out moment. Some names stand out Sky Brown, Jason Kenny, Max Whitlock, Adam Peaty, Joseph Choong, there were some great performances in a lot of sports.

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Re: The Olympics

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The Olympics no longer feels as relevant in my opinion. I didn't hear anyone talking about it or watching it, I didn't see any action.

I remember Barcelona 92 and London 2012 as being a big deal, since then it seems less prestigious.
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