Dotnet implied racism

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Dotnet implied racism

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I have no idea who DeanHobbs is, but he seems to be typical of the posters on that board who get on their high horse whenever they can to read things into comments on football fans forums. He has pointed out that Dembele, Eisa, Kanu and Brown get criticised for their performances. Obviously trying to imply that those who criticise them are racially biased. Surely he could have added Broom, Ward, Beevers, Butler, Szmodics, and Reed to that list, but no, that doesn’t fit his implied agenda. Why are white football fans all tarred with the same brush.

There are some idiots out there who are racist and abuse people because of the colour of their skin, but fortunately they are the minority and the media tend to make it sound like it’s a majority.
I don't judge people on race, religion, gender,
ability or size, I judge them on whether or not
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