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Football records

Post by bristleposh » ... ch-summary

Could this be one a hat trick of penalties in 5 minutes
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Re: Football records

Post by tonyp »

It is definitely a hat trick for Lee Currie.
Whether it will make the record books I don't know.
The Borrowstounness fans wouldn't want to remember it.
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Projected Finish as of 19.01.21 (pre Charlton game)

Post by thediceman »

After a friend stated Ipswich had won as many home games as anybody else (I live in Ipswich) & me pointing out the is only because they had played 2 more home games then ourselves I thought what the projected finishes would be if we projected the remaining games based on the average points points won in home & away and multiplying that by the respective number of home & away games remaining. NB: EFL, it's not that difficult & I'm sure you muppets could have done that last season & provided a fair final table rather than being lazy.

The final positions would be:

NB: Total poins / (total home points after 23 games / total away points after 23 games) / average points per home game / average points per away game)

(1) Lincoln 92.69 (39.79/52.90) (1.73/2.30)
(2) Portsmouth 87.40 (34.50/52.90) (1.50/2.30)
(3) Doncaster 86.94 (46.00/40.94) (2.00/1.78)
(4) Hull 85.56 (43.7/41.86) (1.9/1.82)
(5) Peterborough 85.33 (56.12/29.12) (2.44/1.27)
(6) Accrington Stanley 83.47 (43.47/40.94) (1.89/1.78)
(7) Ipswich 79.81 (43.93/35.88) (1.91/1.56)

NB: Before some smart ass points out, I am aware the points will end on whole number but I'll let you do that if that's important to you. I just want to give a precise projection as it currently stands :D

Quick glance shows we have the best home return with an average of 2.44 points per game but our away form looks like costing us with a palty return of just 1.27 points.

The key appears to picking up points away from home with the projected top 2, Lincoln & Portsmouth, having the best away forms by some distance.
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Re: Projected Finish as of 19.01.21 (pre Charlton game)

Post by ashman »

What a complete load of rubbish! :shock:
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Re: Projected Finish as of 19.01.21 (pre Charlton game)

Post by Bluemike »

Whilst I don't doubt that some analysis has taken place here, this is a prime candidate for transferring to the "Just for Fun" section. Even our mad Boxer agrees!
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