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Re: Grant McCann

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ashman wrote: 26 Feb 2022, 19:27
Brianposh wrote: 26 Feb 2022, 19:26 It was a pathetic attempt by Posh to play the game of football. To be truthful we did indeed play in the last 4-5 minutes......just.
Grant as was expected, has just as hard a task as Darren had. Good luck to him with those players.
It is not beyond the capabilities of Grant I am sure!
Last time McCann was in these parts he was nothing but a puppet, doing DMac's bidding. This time around he is probably better equipped to enact his own strategy, but equally DMac is more adept at pulling the strings (as seen over the last 2 transfer windows).

I will wait for the evidence before being convinced that McCann can deliver the goods.
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