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We are not a club that can simply go out and sign the top players in the league. Look at what happened to Derby County when they tried this.

Why make the comparison with Derby, whose 21-point deduction is, I believe, unprecedented at this level? Why not compare some clubs promoted since we were last relegated -- Millwall, Luton, Bristol City, Coventry, Blackpool, Rotherham (currently top of League One). Both Blackpool and Coventry have had major off-field problems in recent years, but they're both in the top half of the Championship at the moment.
Signing the top players in the league will always be the prerogative of those clubs parachuting lucratively down from the EPL. In 2011 we did all right in getting Paul Taylor on a free transfer and Emile Sinclair for a reported £100k from League Two Macclesfield.

He just hasn't got the tools to compete consistently at this level.

I wonder where Blackpool, cantering along eleven points ahead of us, found their tools.

The manager has three million-pound players (JC_H, Szmodics and Randall) available for selection, and if Mo Eisa been retained, he would have had four. Taylor was signed for £500,000, and we may assume that Frankie Kent didn't cost much less. The Norburn signing apparently gladdened the manager's heart. For the others: if they weren't wanted, then why the contract extensions/renewals? If we had to make a list of relative successes this season, then Dembele (£250k? from Grimsby), Thompson, Burrows, Cornell and Edwards (£? from Barnet) would probably top it. Total cost for those five players is, I suggest, well under £1m.

No good will ever become(sic) of sacking Darren Ferguson.
So if a manager with a proven record of success/competence at Championship level were to become available while Ferguson was under contract, we wouldn't seek to employ him because his name would not be 'Darren Ferguson'? Maybe Russell Martin would have been a 'better fit' for Peterborough United, but that ship has sailed....
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