Coventry v Posh Fri 24/09/21

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Re: Coventry v Posh Fri 24/09/21

Post by HantsPosh »

Poku on at half time was just bizarre at best and utterly ridiculous. One of the strangest substitutions Fergie has made in a long time.

To call Joe Ward poor at this level is also ridiculous, who was it who set up 2 goals against Derby with quality crosses from the wing? He’s contributed far more this season that Fergie’s pet upfront who’s slow, overweight, incapable of heading a ball despite being an absolute unit and as for his finishing well......still he does do one thing very well....complain and berate everyone whilst doing absolutely sod all himself.
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Re: Coventry v Posh Fri 24/09/21

Post by stumpy »

Totally agree. Joe Ward is not the problem, in fact, he is one a handful of players who have coped with the championship. Coventry supporters that I spoke to thought he was our main threat....we are too good for league 1 with a lot of money spent for that level but are seeing what it's like in the championship where teams like Coventry have managed to stay and adapt...if only our manager and chairman had been part of a promoted club before.....doh :shock:

Surely we can't concede 3+ goals every away game?

Whatever anybody says, we had zero shots in the first half last night and only 2 that I can remember all game... :cry:

JCH moaning and grumbling about Dembele and Grant last night was very noticeable...he is lucky that we have few options in his role because he ain't good enough
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