Reality used to be a friend of mine

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Re: Reality used to be a friend of mine

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Dear Stump, I agree and i do apologise if I have caused offence. Usually, that is reserved for people I know 😊.I have consistently criticised our away tactics this season, until today, when we were competitive and should have scored the opening goal. I also criticise players in every game that I attend, including during the game. I believe I am supporting Posh, especially at this terrible time, by turning up and cheering them on. Whilst I am not the loyalist of supporters, I have been to all home and 4 away games this season, including today at Forest. Playing in the championship is enough for me this year but I would be devastated if we didn’t make 4th bottom. I’m hoping more like 34 pts will do this time! (Thanks Derby).
Chairmen, owners, players, mostly come and go, but loyal supporters remain ✊. Your last update was in Oct Mr S, how are you feeling now?
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