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Re: Posh v WBA

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bristleposh wrote: 30 Aug 2021, 21:12
JohnC wrote: 30 Aug 2021, 20:10 In October, 2017, we secured a 1-0 home win over Shrewsbury (top of the table at the time, as I recall) with an inspired long-range effort from Maddison catching the Shrews' goalkeeper out of position. WBA's goalkeeper Johnstone gave a very effective 'sweeper' performance, only getting caught out once, when he took a booking. I was disappointed that we never attempted to pin him back in his area with occasional long-distance sniping. His mobility allowed their back line to press forward in the belief that any Posh forward beating an offside trap would be dealt with by the goalkeeper in sweeper mode. We have the players- Marriott, Szmodics, Dembele --who could thrive on balls played behind defenders, but we seemed to make no discernible effort to prevent Johnstone roaming with impunity one third of the pitch.
Funnily enough I was sat at home watching and thinking what a shame we didn’t have a George Boyd on the field to do exactly that
Yes. Boyd's goal against Huddersfield: October, 2012.
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Re: Posh v WBA

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