Ten years ago!

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Ten years ago!

Post by ashman »

Yep, TEN YEARS!!! Some wonderful memories for players and us fans too!


Much kudos to Tommy Rowe, who not only scored the first goal, but won the header leading up to Grant's free kick!
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Re: Ten years ago!

Post by bristleposh »

I suppose I should bore you all with my story of this day. Having got my friend Allan to get me a ticket in Peterborough, I travelled up, went in the suggested pub near Piccadilly, I met another of my friends Waggon from the other board, we took a tram across to the ground and when we went on despite having bought his ticket by post from west of Birmingham we were in adjacent seats. Unbelievable.
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Re: Ten years ago!

Post by tonyp »

My greatest memory is Grant's free kick. Always will be.
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Re: Ten years ago!

Post by Narrowboat Dave »

Fabulous day. We were cruising on the canals on our narrowboat and had deliberately aimed for Brum where we moored up about a 10 minute walk from New Street, so as to catch the train to Sheffield where our daughter collected us. Dropped the wife off at our daughter’s to babysit while we drove to Old T.

Wonderful memories.
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