Fowl Play

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Fowl Play

Post by JohnC »

Compulsive narcissism is not normally regarded as a desirable trait in anyone. Notwithstanding this, our chairman has been quoted in the PET as follows:

‘I’m blowing my own trumpet here, but I am the best dealmaker outside the Premier League. My track record proves that….’

So it’s not about on-field results, apparently. As long as the conveyor belt keeps whirring, a Peterborough fan-base scarcely able to bestir itself to cry “Cuddly Toy!” as another high-price item trundles past settles into its eighth consecutive League One season.

When he claims Dembele’s eventual replacement is ‘four years younger than Siriki. He’s not the finished product just yet, but he has the ‘wow’ factor. He’s our sort of signing, a big talent who we can polish up,’ our spirits are meant to be uplifted at the prospect of a brighter future.

When he states, ‘An 18 year-old and a 19-year-old playing in League Two are on my radar. My aim is to get them next summer before the likes of Brentford become interested. They are two gems we could polish up’, the caveats ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ and ‘Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’ spring to mind. In these trying times for turkeys, careful avian husbandry is required.

The questions and/or facts the chairman might choose to address instead include the following:

Why has our average League One position over the last six seasons been 9th?

If the club’s overall development strategy is such a success, what could he say of Rotherham’s? They’ve spent four of the last six seasons in the Championship, and are currently up there again.

In the last six seasons, PUFC have been one of four clubs ever-present in League One. The others are Gillingham, Rochdale and Fleetwood. That’s quite a peer-group. (Average finishing positions for the other three were, 13th, 13th and 11th respectively.)

We should expect something more from the chairman than a public persona and demeanour that suggests part thimble-rigger, part fairground barker, part charlatan.
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Re: Fowl Play

Post by Gaz_Miller »

I couldn't agree more. It's all sounding more & more like a business than trying to get a football club as high up the structure as possible.

The chairman needs to realise that the average football fan doesn't give a monkey's about how much money the club is making, they just want success on the pitch.

I'm absolutely done with the "I'm the best deal maker" rhetoric. It's boring & of no consequence to me whatsoever.
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Re: Fowl Play

Post by bristleposh »

I’m disappointed, when I read the thread title I thought that Artemis Fowl was going to be a stage production. I loved all the books by Eoin Colfer, but was slightly underwhelmed by the film.
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