Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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Is Fergie the man to carry us forward???

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Re: Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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Bluemike wrote: 16 Dec 2020, 19:33
Which brings me to my main fear. It is the fear of not having a clue why Dmac takes this manager who he sacked twice and gives him a third chance. What does he see in Fergie that I can't? Why does he think that Fergie is the best man for the job? Out of all the other managers that could manage Posh, what does he think that Fergie has that they don't?
Have you ever thought of asking DMac those questions?
In my opinion, DMac is a very astute businessman. He does what he thinks is best for his businesses.
The fans will not always agree with his decisions.
You might think you would make better decisions than he does. You should tell him why you think that way.
I've always thought that he should concentrate on getting us into the Championship (and staying there until we get into the Premier League) rather than making money by selling our best players. I suggested that to him and he told me to get lost.
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Re: Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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Selling our best players will always have priority over promotion, always has always will!
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Re: Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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So, Tony, I'd suggest we therefore have to ask the following question. If PUFC is being run as a business, what's the point of moaning about the manager. Now that's scary.
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Re: Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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DaveLister wrote: 16 Dec 2020, 20:05 Fergie has proved before that he can get us out of this division. The problem is, he can't keep us in the championship, even with the increased budget we'll have. Like BlueMike, I fear an annual relegation battle if we do go up again.
I'm fairly sure you are correct in your thoughts, but that doesn't preclude Fergie from taking us forward into the Championship. If we get there with him, then the title of this thread may become a lot more relevant. Until that time arrives I think the answer to this is, 'Yes, he is the man to carry us forward.' How much further is another question altogether?!
The trouble is that a manger that brings a promotion almost always deserves a chance to take a team further to soundly consolidate that position. Would DMac be brave enough to sack a manager in that position or would he go for a more experienced manager who has done it at the next level?
Our biggest stumbling block is the number of punters coming through the turnstiles (when they can of course!) and whether we could sustain that level without severely crippling the club. I don't for one minute believe that DMac and Co would let that happen and I can see us remaining as a club that is well run but just not quite able to sustain Championship football. I would prefer that to having the rug pulled out from under our feet and ending up in administration.
Look at the situation at WBA. Bilic was just about able to get them up into the Premier league but their board has seen sense and brought in Big Sam to sort things out. This is almost being mirrored here at Posh but at a league higher.
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Re: Is Fergie the man to carry us forward?????

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The truth for the near future is that this is as good as it gets!
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