Charity Appeal (Peter Hindley)

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Charity Appeal (Peter Hindley)

Post by Wycliffe » 12 Apr 2018, 07:48

aka The Tank to us oldies.

Hi to everyone. Over the next few days we will be keeping you up to date with how we are getting on with the behind the scenes preparations for our Gatsby Charity Ball.
For those of you who supported our Charity Ball last year you will remember we dedicated a part of the evening to a wonderful couple whose husband was living with Dementia. The couple were our Guests of Honour and they allowed us to tell their beautiful and positive story.
Their story really made us focus on why we choose to support the work Alzheimer’s Society does.
Back to this year and our Gatsby Charity Ball. Sandra and Peter Hindley will be our Guests of Honour and what’s more they would like to tell their Dementia story.
Now if you are a fan of Peterborough United Football Club and have knowledge of the team’s history, you may be thinking “Peter Hindley, I know that name”. Yes Peter is a retired professional football player and played for POSH.

Peter’s professional football career started in 1962, at the age of eighteen, when he was signed up as a full back player by Nottingham Forest.
Peter, affectionately known as “the Tank” played for Notts Forest until 1973. Whilst at Notts Forest he also played at national level for England under 23.
In 1973 Peter moved to Coventry City and then in 1976 was signed up by Peterborough United and stayed with the team until 1979. Peter made 112 appearances for Peterborough!!!
Peter’s successful career concluded in 1980 at Burton Albion having made 511 team appearances in his eighteen years as a professional football player.
On the evening of the Ball, Sandra and Peter’s daughters will be telling their parents wonderful story and how life goes on even after a diagnosis of Dementia.
Now we know this is a BIG ASK but it would be really lovely to have some Peterborough United supporters join us for the Charity Ball (you can’t all be going to the away match on the day of the Ball). You would be honouring one of our own and supporting a cause which so many people are passionate about

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Re: Charity Appeal (Peter Hindley)

Post by Narrowboat Dave » 12 Apr 2018, 21:58

Great player for the Posh, with a great moustache as well!

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