things to do with AOL disks

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Post by Ben9 » 04 Mar 2006, 21:51

At a restaurant, shove one under a wobbling table leg.

Christmas ornaments (the more the merrier).

Give them to young children play with.

Room dividers for hamsters.

Drink coasters.

Ice scraper.

Bathroom tile.

Air hockey puck.

Dog chew toy.

Pooper scooper.

Grill scraper.

Destroy them - smash, burn, or run over to relieve stress.

Light switch cover.

Chinese throwing stars.

Halloween treat.


Paper weights.

Incense burners (put stick in hole of disk hub and light the incense).

Put them on car windshields at the mall.

Hand them out as party favors.

House insulation.

Grind them up to make fake snow.

Hood ornament.

Give them as stocking stuffers.

Use them as elbow and knee pads.

Use them to decorate your aquarium and create Comp USA underwater.

Baby mobile. Fence (may need a few thousand).

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