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Re: Word of the day

Post by bristleposh » 08 Dec 2015, 23:35

stuie wrote:bombinate


intransitive verb
1. To buzz; to hum; to drone.
2. to make a humming or buzzing noise.

Like his co-workers he had been somewhat stampeded by Dorn's imitative faculties, faculties which enabled the former journalist to bombinate twice as loud in a void three times as great as any of his colleagues.
-- Ben Hecht, Erik Dorn, 1921
Bombinate derives from the Latin verb bombināre, which is thought to have been coined by Rabelais on the basis of the Latin bombilāre, "to hum, buzz."
I thought the word was a Muslim get out clause, as in one bombinate fails to explode

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Re: Word of the day

Post by stuie » 09 Dec 2015, 12:10



1. places diametrically opposite each other on the globe.
2. those who dwell there.

Be it light with him when it is darkness with me! Let him feel the sun of summer while I am chilled by the snows of winter! Let there be the distance of the antipodes between us!
-- Mary Shelley, Mathilda, 1820
Antipodes comes from the Greek hoi antípodes meaning literally "those with the feet opposite."

Superposh/Chompy and TonyP/Davelister are antipodes
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Re: Word of the day

Post by tonyp » 09 Dec 2015, 14:52

stuie wrote:
Superposh/Chompy and TonyP/Davelister are antipodes
Rubbish. We all support the Posh.
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