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Somewhere different

Post by tonyp » 12 Oct 2015, 04:06

I received an email today of unusual habitats.
Although I decided to post it under "Just for Fun" it does in fact contain actual places where people actually live.
For example
Aogashima, Philippine Sea, Japan
Perhaps the last place you would expect to find a living community would be inside a tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea.
The last time the Class-C volcano erupted was in the 1780s, and it proved fatal for half of the people living on the island.
Over fifty years later, the inhabitants who had escaped the island returned, and now there are 200 brave villagers living there.
Huacachina, Peru
In the midst of one of the driest climates in the world is an oasis town with lush palm trees, flourishing foliage, and a tranquil lagoon which is said to have curative properties.
The magical town is called Huacachina, and it can be found not only on adventurers' bucket lists, but also in a barren desert in Peru.
Visitors can visit the surreal settlement and the 96 residents who thrive on running small businesses on their greatest resource: sand.
or if you can't stand the heat
Isortoq, Greenland
Only 64 people reside on Greenland's Isortoq village, which is set in the middle of miles of snow and ice.
The Inuit inhabitants used to be forced to survive on only meat, as the harsh landscape didn't allow for plants to be grown.
They do have a red supermarket nowadays, which offers a variety of other produce.
There is even ketchup and mayonnaise available for eating with seal.
And probably ice for the scotch and soda.
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