Update (Dec 1st) on the various prediction games

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Update (Dec 1st) on the various prediction games

Post by daib0 » 29 Nov 2016, 13:03

I'd just like to quickly remind you, if I may, to these following games, though new entries are not needed:

1] the FA Cup 2nd Round is this weekend, so your FA Cup Upsets choice teams from the first round hopefully continue to mark the points up ...

2] the following mid-week is the last round (6th game) of the Champions League group stage matches, so those of you with entries in the Champions League Game will get your first points of the season

3] The 10-Champs game: we are not that far off from the half-way point so you'll get your first half-season scores as this moment arrives in each league ...

Good luck all!
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