Shorts at Shrewsbury

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Shorts at Shrewsbury

Post by bristleposh » 16 Dec 2018, 09:40

poshnipper wrote:
16 Dec 2018, 06:26

The nutters still wearing shorts were out in their numbers yesterday. Mowlesey, Des, BOOglee (something like that :mrgreen: ) and Lenny ..... take a bow. :clap: My knees didn’t recover until much much later in the day.

I feel that remark is derogatory to short wearers, if we were black it would be classed as racist. As you may or may not have noticed I also wear shorts the year round, I have found from experience that people who wear jeans (eg), always complain that their legs are cold, this is because the cold air goes straight into the material which retains the cold. The ones I think are brave are those in t-shirts, my upper arms and head are the bits that always feel the cold. Another rant I guess, from a grumpy old man.
For the record I shall be wearing trousers todau as we are going out for a meal and the wife thinks I look scruffy in shorts, as I shall be driving to the pub the bit from the car park to the pub are the only chance my trousers will have to get cold, so I should be OK.

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