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Re: Catalan Uprising

Post by daib0 » 22 Dec 2017, 16:43

CATALONIA ELECTION - 21 December 2017

There is a big problem for PP and Mariano Rajoy now. Beaten out of sight PP were in a night few could have anticipated. Cuidadanos with their whinging leader Ines Arrimadas took probably the great part of the PP vote. Both these parties were calling for ‘real’ elections to end the ‘locura’ (“madness” as they put it). So now we have had the supposed real election. Did she (Arrimadas) win? Not really, she managed just 25.4% of the vote. The two last time together united independence parties scored 43.1% of the votes - not double that, but not far off either - but the fact that each of the two big independence parties went separate this time would appear - as least as long as Madrid wants you to believe - that C’s were the great winners. And so they will still claim there is not a majority for independence. The truths are starting to come out now, not even what I feel is the verging of censorship from Spanish mainstream parties can hold the lid down for much longer.

Let’s take a closer look not just at the seats gained, which is obviously without a doubt an Independence majority (and indeed an improvement on last time), but in the actual number of VOTES themselves. Don’t be fooled by fake statements. Let’s look … Comú (Catalonia in Common) are crucial here - the furthest left supposedly national ‘Spanish’ party there is. Although they look after local regional interests they are fairly close cousins with Podemos (ah, the CUP are left-wing too, but are totally nationalist). Remember that Comú support a referendum on independence, even if many of their supporters are divided on whether independence is really a good thing, but in the name of democracy are certainly supportive - also remember that in the declaration of independence this autumn some of their parliamentary members did indeed vote for outright independence on that fateful day. However, seeing as they are not irrevocably nationalist the centralist government in Madrid pleases itself and tries to fool others and casts all those supporter voters as all unionist Spanish constitutionalists - far from the truth, Comú/Podemos are those who wish most to reform the constitution from top to bottom! As Comú/Podemos and their members are therefore divided on the issue, let’s leave them out of the equation. So, what do we in fact have? These based on 99% vote analyzed -

Independence % voters: 53.5%
Spanish Unionist % voters: 43.5%

Now, what were they (PP and C’s) saying about governing for ALL Catalans? OK, let’s see it please!! By not acting for the majority they are supporting a minority like it were a dictatorship. I rest my case…
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Re: Catalan Uprising

Post by bristleposh » 22 Dec 2017, 17:36

I too have a lot of sympathy, without the understanding, for the Catalans. There is certainly more of them in favour of separatism that the Sweaties had when they try to convince everyone that they wanted to leave the Union, had the English been allowed to vote in tht election I am sure a majority would have been in favour of them leaving. As it was she (the fishy named one) thought she was on a winner without realising that those that wanted to vote the SNP were, for a large part, doing so to block the Labour vote.

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