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Post by bristleposh » 21 Aug 2017, 13:04

Apparently sales of caravans have increased by 15% whilst new car sales have dipped recently. This according to BBC breakfast this morning. Lots of motorhomes too.

Sorry, but I'm not a fan, I just don't get it. The family they were interviewing were saying it cost them £20k, and that it works out cheaper than holidays abroad. No way Jose. Squashed into a tiny space full of dead cats where there is no room to swing them. Paying for pitching, extra for fuel to drag them all over the country, snarling up other traffic in narrow lanes in areas such as Cornwall. Having to pay for servicing and MOTs. I think you could have 10 maybe 12 wonderful all inclusive holidays for that type of money. By which time you may well have to renew your prize asset which will most certainly be worth a fraction of what you initially paid for it.

Apart from that, where do you keep them, I know, on your drive way in front of your house, blocking sunlight from neighbours, probably covering part of the pavement as well. Would you get planning permission to put such an extension to the front of your property.

I went for a short five day break in a 'caravan' recently, however this was a mobile home the dining/lounge area the size of a small flat. The toilets and three bedrooms were probably a similar size to those experienced in your average caravan. The main section of the mobile home was great but the remainder seemed to be very claustrophobic. Cost under £500. However with the cost of the fuel to get there and the cost of eating out whilst there we probably spent in the region of a grand. If you look on line at anytime a couple can get a week all inclusive in Spain cheaper.

Hope I manage to offend some people who selfishly clog up the roads with their thoughtless pastimes and maybe encourage them to see a cheaper better way of holidaying without annoying your neighbours.

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Re: Caravans

Post by DoubleRay » 21 Aug 2017, 15:17

Somebody really did this.....
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Re: Caravans

Post by ashman » 21 Aug 2017, 15:37

Best place for it! :clap:
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