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Peterborough-Based Football Podcast

Post by LiquidFootball » 13 Oct 2017, 09:53

Hi guys,

The Liquid Football Podcast is on the lookout for a couple of new members. Founded almost 3 years ago, the LF Podcast started on a shitty local radio station, before transferring to the podcast format, and discusses important topics from the world of football such as; is it time for a Premier League 2? Should Gareth Southgate be in the England hot-seat? And what toppings would Sam Allardyce have on his kebab?

We're currently on a short hiatus due to the birth of my son, but you can stream the first 2 episodes of the season here:

Do you like talking football, but see yourself more of a Neil “there’s no windows in Liverpool” Warnock than a Gary “insert clever tactical quote here” Neville? Like kebabs and beer and able to get to Peterborough one evening every fortnight or so? Then signing up the Liquid Football Podcast might be the dream transfer for you.

With heavy workloads, wives, kids and dogs; getting at least 3/4 people in a room together for an hour once a week isn’t as easy as it sounds, so The Liquid Football Podcast are scouting for a couple of new players to join the squad, either on a loan or a permanent deal, to provide more options to cover minjuries.

If you’re interested in signing up to the best independent football podcast on the planet*, then instruct your agent to fire us an email ( to thrash out contract negotiations.

*may not be true

Thanks for your time!

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