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Post by Posh2007 » 25 Feb 2008, 21:04

A couple of points.

1) Seemingly every League club has a messageboard, but only a handful are like Posh - where fans can post their feelings and get other fans' reactions. So, question: Does PUFC find it useful to have this inter-fan reaction? Has PUFC changed its stance on any issue or instigated any changes as a result of this?

2) There are over 2,200 members listed for these Posh forums, but do you have any figures for "live" forum members i.e. how many members make at least one posting a week?

Putting these questions to one side, I would like to thank PUFC and especially the people involved in keeping these forums available to us, for their efforts. The forums can be helpful, informative, outrageous, make-you-smile and theraputic.

And, to put it briefly, I think that they are very, very special.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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