Exchanging club shop items

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Exchanging club shop items

Post by KentPosh » 16 Jan 2009, 17:57

I was given a posh fleece for christmas from my father. He ordered it over the internet as he lives in america. Unfortunately its a size to small. i dont have the receipt so i was wondering if anyone knew how easy it would be to exchange for a larger one. As far as i know both sizes are the same price.
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Re: Exchanging club shop items

Post by rossposh » 19 Jan 2009, 12:35

I should think that they would be fine changing it, if it has still got the tags in. After all where else can you buy posh merchandise? ring them and ask amber, or even better go in and see her :clap:

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Re: Exchanging club shop items

Post by miggypufc » 31 Jan 2009, 16:04

ebay job!? :lol:
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Re: Exchanging club shop items

Post by PoshDrummerAdam » 03 Feb 2009, 15:23

Go into the club shop and they will be fine with it. Aslong as it's still got the tag on or if the gift is faulty they will give you a Voucher for the sale price.

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