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Post by ashman » 21 Oct 2018, 10:08

Poshay wrote:
20 Oct 2018, 18:25
ashman wrote:
16 Oct 2018, 10:04
They are only four points adrift of us with 13pts. from the last 18 available. We have amassed 8 pts. It will definitely be a tough ask to beat them.
And now they are only 1 point behind. Same old Posh, lumping the ball forward, usually headed clear by a red shirt. The only way Posh were going to score today was from a penalty won by the impressive Dembele. They could have given their goalie the afternoon off for all the work he was called on to do.
Agreed, except for the part about Dembele. I don't think that he ever got anywhere near their penalty area. A chap standing next to me summed him up perfectly. 'He is like a spider spinning a web, round and round and going nowhere.'
He was totally ineffective all game. He must learn to pass the ball or shoot when he gets into good positions. Granted, he is superb at pulling opposition players out of position but then he continues on the ball too long, either losing it or passing poorly to the opposition. Anyone who witnessed his early pre-season form of having a pop at the slightest excuse will know what I mean. He scored some very impressive goals in that period. What has happened to the lad?
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Post by Poshay » 21 Oct 2018, 10:23

Accrington players were taking turns to clog Dembele so that nobody collected a red card. The ref gave him no protection whatsoever. In many cases he was left on his own by his teammates so he had no support, nobody to pass to.
Stanley were an averagely competent side, not of the same class as Portsmouth, Barnsley or Blackpool and once they scored they were content to waste time and dish out stick. Their right winger Clark was as tricky as Dembele but far more direct and their defence was well organised and they could move the ball through midfield to their forwards unlike Posh who bypassed their midfield with hoof ball. Looking forward to a better performance on Tuesday.
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