Does McCann illegally badger referees

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Does McCann illegally badger referees

Post by stuie » 20 Dec 2017, 19:44

IMO opinion, if GM is breaking the football rules, then the referee should book him, send him off, and fa take action, or is it just part of the game
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Re: Does McCann illegally badger referees

Post by Wycliffe » 22 Dec 2017, 08:00

I am glad to see the pathetic argument set up as a wind up as it is so stupid it couldn't be serious (which sums up the original poster) is not being discussed at length on here.
I apologise for adding to the thread :oops:

No is of course the answer.

It may be against the laws of the game but not criminal law therefore it is possibly be unlawful for the FA/FL but not illegal.
When the PL managers get done on a regular basis it'll happen in the lower divisions.


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