The problem with Leo...

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The problem with Leo...

Post by john316z » 01 Oct 2017, 19:48

Having sat through yesterday's capitulation, my son & I had a long conversation about Leo on the way home after the match:

1. We both agreed that he is a great talent -not in the £10m price bracket McBlarney would have us believe
2. Some of his attacking runs in the first half were scintillating, the way he left players standing and opened up the Oxford defence
3. It was interesting watching Taylor constantly advise him in the 1st half as to his positional play

However it leaves the problem as to how can someone with natural potential look so poor at the same time. So this is what struck me about his performance

1. Leo has tried to play in central midfield, out wide, right back, full back, no 10 (apparently that's his best position)
2. His inexperience has meant that he hasn't had the opportunity to play anywhere long enough
3. Put simply, the poor lad spends most games confused as McCann chops and changes the formation pushing him into positions he is uncomfortable in
4. Yesterday he looked lost but I'm not surprised when we changed formation I wasn't sure where he was supposed to be and don't suppose anyone else did either!
5. He gets a lot of stick from the stands (mind you some of those, especially the loud mouthed round guy in the family stand) but for me the fault lies with McCann

Do the staff do anything to develop his game? Sure he has the ability but looks like his chances are being destroyed game after game having to play in a system that we aren't equipped to play and makes him look out of his depth.

Might just be me, but does anyone think anything similar?

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Re: The problem with Leo...

Post by Chompy » 01 Oct 2017, 23:58

Winger maybe? Right side of a three up front?

Certainly isn't being helped by the crowd.

The GROAAAAAANS were back in evidence again yesterday.

Maybe Jermaine and Leo both feel they've never had the crowd on their side at our place? Not like Junior, Taylor, Gwion.

Perhaps he'll need to move on before fulfilling his potential. Another Mendez, Newell, Oztumer. Either that or he just needs playing for a sistained spell in an attacking position.
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Re: The problem with Leo...

Post by Wycliffe » 02 Oct 2017, 07:25

I've seen a fair bit of the lad as a yoof and he was outstanding.
However he has desperately lost his way and I agree to a degree that playing out of position hasn't helped.
Saying that wing back isn't the most difficult position for a professional footballer or certainly not as problematic as he makes it look.
When we attack you can push on.
When we defend you don't.

His run first half showed what he can do but doesn't and from that position he actually should have more opportunities to go on a run like that.
Playing him as number 10 would be a massive gamble with colossal responsibilities although MM isn't exactly murdering that position when he plays in it.

Although it may hurt the lad in the short term I do believe a loan out to a division 2 club could help him as I am certain he'd shine. Being in the 'wrong' position doesn't explain pulling out of tackles or charging off into some random space when 'your' player is standing all alone where you have just come from both of which happened at oldham.

He is neither a destroyer nor a creator in his present 'role'.
Great shame how he's gone off but atm he's doing himself, the club or the fans any good.

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Re: The problem with Leo...

Post by Ceenitall » 02 Oct 2017, 09:25

GM has more to think about that he is able in my opinion!

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