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by Claude Rains
14 Jan 2019, 23:12
Forum: The Posh
Topic: Half time sanies - banned
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Re: Half time sanies - banned

I tried to take a flask and sandwiches into the Royal Opera House the other night.

They told me to sod off.

I think Posh have started something off here.
by Claude Rains
12 Nov 2018, 00:16
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Sore throat?
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Re: Sore throat?

It's complete and utter nonsense. How come I can look up in the sky and see objects that are millions and millions of miles away, the international space station at 248 mile altitude, aircraft flying at 7 mile high altitude, but i can't see Peterborough Cathedral on the train from March until just a...
by Claude Rains
11 Nov 2018, 23:43
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Conspiracy theories.
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Re: Conspiracy theories.

This loony used to be known as Smithers Jones on the other messageboard.

He was convinced that Brazil 1 Germany 7 was a fix. And he was obsessed by chemtrails.

Go on Gaz, tell them all about chemtrails.
by Claude Rains
08 Mar 2016, 08:09
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Introduce Yourself
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Re: Introduce Yourself

Been a Posh fan since the early 80s First match I can remember is the FA cup tie v Manchester City and Micky Gynn's run from the kick off. Favourite player ever - Ken Charlery. A legend on and off the pitch. Best game ever seen - Huddersfield Town away, May 1992 All time Posh XI and bench Bennett Pa...